We want you to get the most out of your Primrose Experience and have compiled a guide to prepare for your appointment and showing you how to best care for your hair between appointments.



Prepare for your hair appointment at The Primrose on Tannery by shampooing your hair the day before your appointment.


Shampooing encourages blood flow to your scalp, which can cause irritation if a colour is applied to freshly washed hair.


Unwashed hair creates a barrier to colour, so please ensure your hair is clean and free of product.



Please allow ample time to arrive ahead of your appointment.


We are located at Shop 5/116-118 Princes HWY Unanderra, on the corner of Tannery street and Princes Hwy, next to the entrance the Woolworths carpark.

There is free two-hour parking on Tannery st and the Woolworth carpark, and all-day free parking at carpark off Tannery street.


Please read our booking, and cancellation policies.  You can find them HERE


All of our service pricing and information can be located HERE



When you can check in at reception on arrival, we'll get you comfortable before your appointment. 

New clients will be asked to fill in a 'Client Information Card' that allows us to provide you with the best possible service.

To help you get comfortable, you will be offered a menu offering:

  • Teas, juices and snacks.

  • For a caffeine hit, we can have a coffee brought to you from our neighbours Steamheads Café.  They also have an amazing breakfast and lunch menu if you get peckish.

  • On Wednesday & Thursday evenings, we offer a cheese platter for $20.

  • The powder room is located in the back left-hand corner of the salon,

There is free wifi available for all of clients during their appointment so let us know if you'd like to connect.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!



We've put together a guide to help keep your hair healthy, beautiful and salon fresh...

  1. Wash hair with recommended products by your Stylist.

  2. Shampoo your hair twice.  Sounds odd but the reason is that as the first shampoo lifts the dirt and product from your hair, and the second one truly cleanses your hair.

  3. Use Conditioner from the mid lengths to ends only.  Conditioning your roots just leaves them flat and greasy.

  4. We strongly recommend doing a 'once a week' a deep conditioning treatment.  This restores the strength to your hair after the lightening process.

Remember: the more frequently that you wet and shampoo your hair, the faster your colour will wash out, so we recommend reducing shampooing as much as possible.


Once or twice a week should suffice!



  • Never use an iron or wand higher than 175 degrees.  Heat strips your colour and reduces the longevity of your style.

As a guide... a BBQ is 100 degrees, so, remember that next time you apply an iron to your hair.


We have an amazing Straightening iron available for purchase in the salon for $249. If you refer five clients to us, you can have one for FREE!

  • Just like your skin, the sun can damage your hair,.  Protect your hair by using a UV protectant on your hair.

  • Chlorine and salt water are both known for reacting with lightener, as well as stripping colour and removing moisture from the hair, acting like an exfoliant on your hair.  

  • When you swim, minimise the damage by using a leave in conditioner recommended by your Stylist.


We know from experience that investing in good products will save you time and money in the long term while keeping your locks in pristine condition.  


We cannot guarantee the longevity of your colour unless you purchase all of the product’s we have recommended for you, 

Please reach out if you’d like any more advice on how best to care for your new gorgeous locks.



Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Repair me Wash + Rinse - $90.90

  • Blonde Angel Wash + Rinse - $84.90

  • Young Again Wash + Rinse - $90.90

Treatments and Masques

  • Smartbond - $45.00

  • Young Again Masque - $49.95

  • Hydrate Masque - $49.95

Detangling products and Serums

  • Leave in Repair - $49.95

  • Staying Alive - $38.95

  • Young Again oil - $54.95

Dry Shampoo

  • Fresh Hair - $38.95

  • Doover - $38.95

  • Powder Puff - $38.95