The Primrose team.




As Creative Director, Leigh is responsible for motivating, inspiring and driving the team at The Primrose on Tannery, a role that has led to a tight-knit team of exceptionally talented and gifted stylists and colourists.

With a career that many only dream of, including working on high fashion editorial shoots, Leigh has honed her craft and it shows; whether it is a precision cut, a colour correction, creating a stunning up-style or achieving that has-she-hasn’t-she colour, you just know that your tresses are in safe hands.


Leigh's dedication to sharing her knowledge, technical skill and creativity has seen her remain passionate about staying on top of emerging trends, and ensures that she and the team continue to train, learn and grow, so that together they can make The Primrose on Tannery the magical salon it is today.




Lydiah was our bright, colourful and bold present from Santa for being so good last year (hello Sustainable Salons and goodbye 2020!) and we are beyond thrilled that she has become embedded in the Primrose team.


With 5 years of industry experience tucked under her very funky belt, Lydiah is an all-rounder with a passion that runs towards High Fashion colours and all things blonde. 


An excellent listener, she will always work with you to give you the hair that you have been dreaming of, whether it’s something new and edgy or a cut and colour that is comfortable and familiar.


When she’s not playing with hair and chatting to clients, you might find her in a book nook with her cats or hanging out by the beach.


Lydiah already has a growing cult following, come and say hi!

Nicole M



"Beauty begins the moment you decide to yourself"

- Coco Chanel 

Taking Coco Chanel's words for her motto, Nicole is passionate about creating gorgeous makeup that is beautiful, polished and embodies your personality.

Her signature style is the result of over 20 years as a makeup professional in so many settings including working for MAC cosmetics, designing makeup for several Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks, as well as editorials, PR events, television, advertising, high fashion and the wedding industry


You can trust her to create a look that allows you to shine through and we are so lucky to have her in our team!




Our favourite apprentice continues to display a drive that is above her years and we absolutely love having her in the salon, and she taken to it like a duck to water.

She is a super fast learner, keen to upskill and always scouting for new models on whom to hone her craft.


We are so incredibly proud of her initiative on the floor and she is already an integral part of the Primrose team.

We love her positive attitude and the lovely energy she carries with her, and she is always ready with a smile and helping hand.


She is a sunny face with boundless enthusiasm who brightens up our little corner of the world.